by Andrea Clinton



JONATHAN, a dedicated civil servant, thought he’d retire to a quiet life at home. Instead, he finds his wife acting strange, his young-adult kids turning his home into a 3-Ring-Circus and the only normal person is his dingy neighbor.

Having sacrificed his duty to his family for his responsibility to keep the city safe, JONATHAN seeks to help his family get a grip on life, common sense and family values, in this bellyaching Comedy.

 Murphy's Law: Group Therapy Gone Wild

by Andrea Clinton

In the play, Dr. Kapewski, also known as Dr. Pew, is an unconventional, quirky, hippie-psychotherapist who brings her patients together for "dramatic group therapy." However, each of them have live wires for brains, so as the saying goes, anything that can go wrong, does go wrong, in this group therapy gone wild.

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THE PARCEL MAN (1 Act) The actions of one person affect many, and when there's a meeting in the ladies' room, so to speak, Gino's womanizing ways come home to roost and his wife is the guest of honor.