Andrea Clinton has been writing screenplays for over 30 years. Between 2001 - 2004, Andrea wrote and produced several short films. After raising her kids, becoming an author and attaining a MA in theatre, Andrea decided to return to her first love, screenplay writing.

In 2016, Andrea was script supervisor and producer for the short film "Red Lake," by Eddie-Yasin, which went on to win Best Film and Best Cinematography in UPU Film Festival. Her own short film, "There Comes a Time," was accepted in the festival, nominated, and won for Best Actress. 

Andrea Clinton has a BFA degree in English and Film with a concentration in creative writing and filmmaking.  After graduation, Andrea went on to write film theory and thereafter was the Entertainment Editor of: The Scroll, and thereafter AMISTAD newspaper where she wrote film theory and celebrity commentary. 


With a degree in Film, Andrea directs film, using her diverse and creative skills to entertain and contribute to the art of filmmaking. With 14 years of film production experience, and 20 years of experience in film theory and studies, Andrea has directed several short films. She's also directed a documentary with several other documentary projects in the near future.  Future projects include:


  • The Parcel Man

  • Building 313

  • Various other shorts in: Avant Garde, Realism/Naturalism, Surrealism and experimental.




Tunnel into Andrea's mind


Loving the Entertainment industry, Andrea has produced Film, Theatre and most recent, Variety Shows. Andrea loves to shed light on issues via entertainment.



Andrea has 13 years experience in editing. She's edited:

  • short films
  • theatrical plays
  • documentaries
  • avant garde pieces
  • music videos
  • experimental film