Tired of hearing her mother rant and rave about her gold digging ways, Alisa decides to take her great grandmother’s advice, “Always get a man who loves you more than you love him.” Stumbling upon Omar in his brand new Cadillac, Alisa decides to make him her man, or rather, her victim, or will the tables turn? Hell erupts and everyone’s skeletons fall out of closets and Life Knows No Bounds.

“Always get a man who loves you more,” – Grandma


A blessing and a curse is what Malika deems her gift of visions. To women on the outside looking in, Malika got it going on: a handsome, successful husband, obedient kids and a successful art gallery. Who would ask for more? But then her gift of sight warns her of her husband’s desire to leave her.

Malika can’t figure out where she’s gone wrong, but a needed vacation and a tall, dark and wealthy admirer inspire her new found strength, BUT, to what detrimental end?

“She couldn’t breathe, I gave her life and now she can see,” Momma said to my mother before she died lying next to me, wrapped in my blanket.


Leo finds a dollar bill that has a unique redness across the bottom. Knowing tales of the red dollar, his mother tells him to get rid of it as it will bring forth a horrible misfortune and demise to the owner, leaving them in misery. Since Leo is in debt to Low-Blow, a local drug dealer, he sets him up to steal the red dollar, so he will obtain the misfortune and relieve Leo of his debt.

Low-Blow lives like a king, coming and going and letting others do his dirty work. However, when he receives the red dollar, his world flips upside down, and he enters a twilight zone of a different kind.

“The one time when power is NOT in the hand holding the money.”



Life, laughter and everyday living sets the tone for this strange love story about a young woman left home alone with nothing to do, while her family visited the shore. When her friend pushes at her to hang out at her aunts house in the hood, she gives in and to her surprise, a tall, dark and handsome surprise encourages her to stay and have a nice time.

Subsequently, just when you think life is done kicking you around, here it comes again, full throttle and what happens to SHE thereafter is the epitome of that roller coaster ride in life we all fear, except SHE is caught up in the strange atmosphere, knee deep and rising, praying for a lifesaver before it’s too late.

 “Just when you think life’s done ripping you apart…” –


Geeda spends most of her life growing up around the hard heads of the city streets. What’s worse, is coming home to her mother’s boyfriend, Morris, the devil himself.  With all the goings on inside and outside her home, Geeda places value in becoming wealthy enough to move far away, never to return to the ghetto, slums or a city near.

Geeda accomplishes her mission and marries money, old, long money. However, when her wealthy husband is away on business longer than normal, she journeys and learns the hard way that life on the other side of the fence is far from being comfy, cozy and calm. Instead, it’s quite mad.

“Life isn’t greener on the other side,” Geeda.


“Andrea Clinton is a literary star on the rise,” – Damon Amin Meadows

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree,” – George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic

“Andrea Clinton has written a compelling novel with engaging characters.,” – OOSA Bookclub

“DRAMA! Very well written and enjoyable,” – Nita Bee “~Buzzin’ Books~”

“WOW! I really enjoyed reading this novel! Andrea Clinton has written a fully entertaining novel… truly captivating.,” – N. Johnson, Chi-Town Reading Circle

Yellow-Roses Andrea Butterfly